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Published Jan 11, 21
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The Petit Edmindo is known as a top performer over the last few years and I can say we have had some good ones. This was the time to review this cigar and provide the profile and performance info for our Cigar Audit community. This cigar is a spinoff of the Edmundo and the blend is said to be nearly identical but smaller...more of the sweet-spot so to speak.

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The Petit Edmundo is a tightly packed cigar with tight seams. It gives a nice smooth leather feel, partly waxy. The cigar had moderate veins with a chocolate brown color finished with a nicely done triple cap. Mine had a little rustic notes to the look... Prelight draw offers woody and natural tobacco mixed with a little sweet earth...perfect draw! At the start you get some cedar and toast with a mix of dried fruit mixed (figs and raisins) with the binding coffee flavor.

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You get hints of that Cuban twang at the start... Creamy milk chocolate comes in and is powerful and amazing! The coffee flavor is a very creamy sweet coffee mixed with chocolate, mocha baby! Draw is perfect, ash is firm and long (LOL) helping to keep the cherry nice and cool.

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Through the nose you get coffee and white pepper and then moves to floral. On occasion you still get the creamy coffee with chocolate and some bell pepper sweetness. About half way through this half it becomes more straight floral with rose water notes. The finish moves from a white pepper to a nutmeg mixed with the coffee flavors and very clean.

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This cigar is a medium full in flavor, mild in strength, and very complex regardless of its small size. These also tend to burn pretty slow and you tend to get over an hour. The prices are lower due to the smaller size and it is well worth the money! Construction, flavor, aroma, look, and price...you name it and this one hits a home run! If you like a cigar providing flavors of milk chocolate, creamy coffee, sweet spice, and floral notes this is the cigar for you...DO IT! Montecristo cigars date back to 1935 and were named after Alexandre Dumas’ famous novel 'The Count of Montecristo'.

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The newer additions to the line have not been as popular and tend to be less complex. Anyway you slice it, these cigars, especially the higher end, are awesome! Montecristo is one of the standards of Cuban cigars and this is the staple of the line. The number 2 has been one of the most popular Montecristo cigars for a long time.

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I have had these many times but let’s see how this two-year-old cigar does. The box code on this and is said to be a good box code. At two years age, I'm hoping for a nice performance!Tight seams with minimal veins with a nice oily wrapper. A slight barnyard aroma with a perfect draw! The prelit draw is woody and leather flavors.

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Overall this cigar looks like a great example of a Monte No 2!At first light I got strong leather and mixed nuts even mixed with some white pepper. Smoke is plentiful and moderate in thickness. Through the nose I get mixed sweet spices and bell pepper notes. A few draws into it I get a white pepper and citrus mix with the nuts and leather flavors…great start! Spice notes moved around throughout and black and white pepper are the main spices.

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But do not be fooled with the sweet smell and delicate appearance, this cigar will kick you in the mouth. It is a very strong and full-bodied Robusto (4. 88"x50) while still remaining smooth and creamy. Take your time while smoking this cigar because it truly deserves it. Talking about Cuban classics, the Montecristo №2 belongs to that league.

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It is a big and bold cigar, measuring 6. 13"x52 with a beautiful light brown wrapper, very soft to the touch. You can expect some notes of spices and pepper alongside with almonds and cedar. While it starts very mellow and medium when you light it up it slowly evolves to a full body cigar in all its glory, without ever compromising the flavor.

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There are a lot of controversies and mixed feeling around this cigar. Some say it is an amazing cigar, perfect for every occasion. Others may say it is not good at all by the most various reasons. This cigar is like a celebrity, either you love it or you hate it, there are no middle opinions about it.

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This one is just a show stopper. You cannot just pass by an open box of Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe and not look twice. It is like looking at your loved one for the first time: you fall in love because of the looks and you stay because of the flavor.

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With a thin piece of cedar wrapped around the body, only a small portion of it is uncovered. Even the bands are on top of the cedar which you have to remove before smoking (please don’t light the cigar with the cedar still on — yes, we’ve seen it all at this point).

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You can also find some notes of vanilla when lighting up making the cigar a bit sweet, evolving progressively to the characteristic earthiness of premium Cuban tobacco. The Cedros De Luxe is an exclusive cigar to the La Casa del Habano franchise and it comes in a box of 10 cigars with a size of 5.

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Fact: the Cohiba Siglo VI is one of Cuba’s finest cigars. It has multiple entries on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list and that doesn’t happen by chance or luck. A cigar really has to deliver to be featured on such a list. When the Siglo VI was introduced in the market it established a new era for the brand.

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Measuring 5. 88"x52 is by no means intended to be smoked by an inexperienced smoker. The Siglo VI is a true full body, with intense flavors, delivering notes of leather and coffee and a perfect draw every time. Cohiba claims that the best tobacco in Cuba is reserved for the brand and this cigar is a proud flagship of that.

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The date of its launch is highly discussed among historians. Some say it was launched on the 1940s after a visit of Sir Winston Churchill himself who was a true aficionado of the brand. Others say it was released on the 1950s. Today the Churchill line evolved to more references like the Wide, Short and Petit Churchills, but the only thing they have in common is the name because the size, blend, and strength are not the same as the Churchills.

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It is a big cigar — 7. 00"x47 — very strong and the recommended aging period is around 3 years when the cigar starts to lose some of its initial tartness. The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona is a cigar for those who are not afraid of showing some size.

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60"x49, it makes a Churchill look like a kid’s toy as it is a big and stately smoke. The Double Corona has also a very famous rival and an iconic cigar from Partagas: the Partagas Lusitanias, with the exact same length and ring gauge as this Hoyo. Its medium bodied flavors are very appreciated in the cigar community offering some sweet spices, coffee and a tiny bit of citrus on the back.